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I’d love to help make your life easier, which is why I've put together this “Time For A Change” Toolkit that you can get for FREE!

In the FREE toolkit, you’ll receive:

✓ My trademarked Delete Delete Technique™

✓ A FREE chapter download of my best-selling book “Most People Don’t Need A Therapist, They Just Need A Change”

✓ The Four Ways You Are Suffering infographic

✓ The “Hack Your Happy” checklist

✓ Your code for the opportunity to be one of the first to have access to my “Time For A Change” Kickstart Program


Time for a Change: Kickstart Program

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress? Have you been dealing with your problems  for so long you don’t even remember a life without them? Maybe it’s time to make a change.

Imagine… a life without anxiety, depression, and stress. Imagine waking up every day and actually enjoying  your life. It IS possible to have more energy and experience more happiness and gratitude everyday. It’s time to believe that you are enough and that you are worthy of a better life.

Does this sound impossible? With Coach Monique’s, “Time For A Change: Kickstart Your Life Program”™  it’s not!

Coach Monique’s clients experience rapid tangible results that lead to better lives.  Many of her clients have been in therapy or are currently in therapy, but despite their best efforts, are  not getting the results they need.

All of Monique’s programs are based in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Brain-Science, and the Psychology Of Happiness and that's why her clients get great results.

Learn Monique’s trademarked tools and  techniques to break the patterns from your past and get your own rapid tangible results.

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